Looking for tactical gear to shoot a promotional film

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Looking for tactical gear to shoot a promotional film

Сообщение AIFO » 14 мар 2017, 08:04

I'm posting this for a friend:


We are shooting a promotional film and photos about a new military product.

This is basically an improved MRE heater, new to Europe which is far superior. It can easily heat up food and drinks in sub zero conditions without fire.

We are searching for people to lend us some props and clothing. If we could borrow some of your collection we can pay you with the actual products which are unavailable commercially!!

We are after 3 sets of kit for three actors (one LMG gunner, two riflemen for a patrol mission, model sizes not known at this stage). All in Coyote Tan and not desert sand or camouflage patterns. We are looking to achieve an impression similar to this company as an example: www.kifaru.net. Here you can see models in various outdoor and military kit. We want to do similar but all in Coyote tan. If you want to be one of the models please send photos of yourself


- 3x plate carriers

- 3x chest webbing, pouches and belt order to match (one LMG gunner, two riflemen, pouches must match the caliber of the prop guns)

- 3x winter jackets (outer jacket plus softshell or fleece)

- 3x trousers

- 3x fleece hat or high-cut helmet in Coyote

- 3x boots

- 3x snow parka, white or snow camo

- 2x backpack

- 1x patrol pack or radio pack

- 3x gloves

- possibly snow gaiters, scarves, sunglasses, etc.

Props (airsoft or deactivated):

- 2x AK4 / HK G3 / HK 417 / HK G36

- 1x KSP 58 / M240 / MG 3

- comms kit

- ammo belt (7.62 x 51)

- some optics

- wrist mount GPS

Additional items:

- military and commercial stoves (Trangia, Hexamine, Esbit, Jetboil etc)

- MRE (from any country, civilian or military)

- anything you can think of that we could use.

Contact mail address: Joshadorescats@gmail.com



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