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SO19 Human Hunt 2: The Annihilation

A lot of time has passed after the bloody events, that are known to us more as “Human hunt”,
more specifically 8 years. Milenio and Juarez Cartels have restored their power and started a
new war - a new war for a place in a new world, which has room for only one!
The only incomes for cartels are still money, gold and cocaine and they are ready to do anything
for these things.
There are rumors, that after unsuccessful SOF mission, one squad, whose achievements were
the courage and will to restore justice in the country, is still roaming around the countryside.
The government of Verunella has decided to carry out a chemical weapons attack against the
cartels at 13.04.2085 17:00 to totally end the protests of the cartels.
To survive, the only chance the cartels have, is to find and repair the old aircraft of the Arabic
sheik, which was lost in the woods.

Time of the event:

Game area:
Pahkla military polygon ... 5?hl=en-EE

Entry to the area from 08:00
Briefing : 10:30
Start 11:00
End 17:00

● Juarez cartel: Free camo + yellow tape on the hands
● Milenio cartel: Free camo + orange tape on the hands

To register, fill out the form: ... A/viewform

● The first wave of the registrations: 05.03.2019 - 14.03.2019: Price: 5€, with patch 10€
● The second wave of the registrations: 15.03.2019 - 27.03.2019: Price: 7€, with patch
● The third wave of the registrations: 28.03.2019 - 11.04.2019: Price: 11€, There might not
be patches left.

Patch with the price of 5€, is not included in the price of the ticket. Patch can be ordered during
registration separately.

NB!! The price of registration is not determined by the time when you signed up, but when you
made the payment for the registration.

Blind fire is prohibited for replicas, which have the bb velocity more than 120 m/s.
Starting from the bb velocity of 121 m/s, the minimum engagement distance rule is applied and
the player has to see the target, which is being shot at. Blind fire is frowned upon in any case,
even with replicas that have the bb velocity less or equal than 120 m/s
The game is performed following the standard rules:

Players under 18 years old!
There is an age check before the game. Please take an aid card with you. Players with age of
16 years to 18 years can participate in the event after negotiations with the organizer and
having the written consent from their parent or legal guardian.

Players under 16 years of age can participate only with their parent or legal guardian.
The form for the consent is found here: ... Shg_V/view

There will be no refunds in case the player fails to show up to the event.
List of participating players: ... 9487833927

NB! Check your data in the table. If you find mistakes, then please let us know.
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